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College of Teacher Education (CTE)

PLMun College of Teacher Education (CTE)

College of Teacher Education (CTE)


Dean, College of Teacher Education (CTE)


The College of Teacher Education envisions itself as one of the Centers of Excellence in teacher education in the country, with the task of transforming and establishing professional growth process among future teachers with marked intensions of achieving quality performance.


The College of Teacher Education shall…

  1. Provide a dynamic and relevant education through the use of appropriate instructional strategies;
  2. Initiate a training program for learners that will produce quality education; and
  3. Nurture the teaching-learning process for an enhanced output of the teacher's craft and for a remarkable projection of the learner's acquisition of knowledge and skills.
Bachelor of Elementary Education

The Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED) program is structured to meet the needs of professional teachers for preschools, elementary schools and special education programs in the Philippines. It aims to develop professional teachers who are either (a) generalists who can teach across the different learning areas in grade school, (b) special education teachers, or (c) preschool teachers.

  • General Elementary Education (GEED)
  • Early Childhood Education (ECED)
  • Special Education (SPED)
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

The Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED) program is structured to develop professional secondary school teachers who can teach in any one of the different learning areas in the high school, i.e. English, Filipino, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Studies, Music, Arts, Health and Physical Education.

  • Major in Biological Science
  • Major in English
  • Major in Filipino
  • Major in Mathematics
  • Major in MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health)
  • Major in Social Science
Teacher Education Certificate/Diploma Programs
  • Certificate/Diploma in Teaching Program
  • Certificate/Diploma in Elementary Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Special Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in English Language Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Mathematics Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Science Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Social Science Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Music Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Health Education
  • Certificate/Diploma in Physical Education

To be offered soon…

  • Certificate/Diploma in Junior High School Teaching
  • Certificate/Diploma in Senior High School Teaching
  • Certificate - 18 units / Diploma - 36 units